AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR- Tony Stark Revealed Potential Spoiller

Tony Stark has shared an Avengers: Infinity War set photo on twitter with his folks on a chilling level. However, the photo shows Tony Stark is likely to still use the same inner Continue reading


Movie Review: ‘Eri Ife’ 2017-Evidence of Love

ife 1

Eri Ife (Evidence of Love), is Yoruba Nollywood movie of three friends, whom two were married and one was single (Mrs. Page, Mrs. Bentley and Miss Imelda). Mrs. Bentley is the so-called lucky woman with the so-called most perfect marriage, Mrs. Page is the so-called unfortunate one who got married to a bully and foody, but always lying to her friends she’s got a wonderful perfect husband anytime Mrs. Bentley talks about her civilized husband, and lastly Miss Imelda is the single, imperfect lady looking for the perfect guy due to what she think her friends ‘ husbands look like.


About Mr. & Mrs. Bentley: is their marriage realistic at all? Will any man do that for real? Always cooking for your wife when she’s not pregnant or lame? Always sorting and ironing her Continue reading

Movie Review & Critique: “Beyond Trust” 2017-Love & Betrayals


Beyond Trust is a Nollywood movie with a storyline of betrayals and love. Beyond Trust follows the story of a young woman, Ibiwunmi who suffered a terrible heartbreak from her first husband who left her to travel with his secret wife and son abroad with a huge sum of money Ibiwunmi loaned him from her place of work. This led to a great set back for Ibiwunmi, loosing everything she had including her job and eventually ended up staying in her friends place Stella, who appeared to be the good samaritan but later turned out to be the soul driver of Ibiwunmi’s  tragedy afterwards, claiming Ibiwunmi snatched her dream love Prince Goriola.


Review & Critique

Beyond Trust has successfully passed its message by teaching us never to fully trust friends and that, every actions you take be it good or bad will definitely bear fruit that you must harvest. The movie also incorporated outstanding, befitting and exciting sound tracks in the right scenes. Stella was made to appear she got the reward of her evil Continue reading

Movie Review (Nollywood): ‘Rich But Lonely’ 2017- Dumping Games

Image result for rich but lonely nigerian movieRich But Lonely is a Nollywood story line of different couples, on how infidelity and unethical acts broke and reforms some relationships (i mean few relationships). Vincent, the main attention of focus, a smart guy who plays the ‘dumping’ game and never loose. Rukayat (Ruky), Vincent wife, always the victim of heartaches and domestic violence. Bimpe, the lady who wants to outsmart Vincent “my money is my money, but your money is our Continue reading

Movie Review: ‘Zara’ 2017

Image result for zara yoruba movieSummary

A story of a two perfect lovers in London, separated by a bosom friend. Folarin had just proposed to his fiancée, Zara who genuinely love him. Unfortunately, Folarin’s friend Teju was a cruel Casanova. Teju successfully part Folarin and Zara by raising false allegations, after he had attempted to get down on Zara, which was unsuccessful.  Teju also successfully did the same to Folarin’s new wife. Eventually, Folarin was able to recognize that, his friend had been the evil behind his unsuccessful relationships, but it was too late to go back to Zara, who just go married to another man, after parting with Folarin. Teju also was poorly deported from London, following a drug set-up that was plotted against him by one the women he duped and lied to.


This movies has addressed some points about Africans living abroad

In the present day, many African men abroad believe getting married to a Continue reading

Movie Review & Critics: ‘OYINKANMI’


The Yoruba Nollywood ‘Oyinkanmi’ is a story about a rude young girl Rita who was always bullying a poor girl named Oyinkanmi. Rita had no regards for anyone including her father’s driver, who was almost the age of her father and happens to be Oyinkanmi’s father. Unfortunately for her, it turned out that her father’s driver who was Oyinkanmi’s father was also her biological father, following her illness, which the driver’s blood type was the only blood she could receive via transfusion to get well.  The driver’s younger brother who had a deal of exchanging his brother’s baby for a huge amount of money, following the stillbirth of Rita’s non-biological mother, unveiled this mystery. Rita and Oyinkanmi happens to be a twins.04

The movie ‘Oyinkanmi’ has efficiently passed across its message that, humility is the best character a human can ever have, and never Continue reading