The Mummy 2017 Review: Not As Bad As They Said It was, Although I Think Tom Cruise Is Too Old For The Role He Played

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It’s a bit surprising that The 2017 The Mummy movie didn’t really do well in box office and it generally considered a Dark Universe failure when it was released. But after watching the movie thoroughly, I realized the movie isn’t as bad as it was said to be. Although, it’s not as good as the original The Mummy Return, which is related to Scorpion King. Also, many monsters are not featured in the new movie compared to the original movie, and the comedy in the original movie is far better than the 2017 movie.

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Despite all these, I still think the movie is over average, in terms of the simple story concept and adventure.  Tom Cruise did a great job in the movie, but I think he’s too old for that role, a younger actor would have been better. His fight moves were a bit slow and not stylish (his fighting style is more of police and thief concept, and not human and monster concept). Princess  Ahmanet also nailed her role as the major villain. Overall, the locations, movie settings, and story concept of the movie is okay but not super great and the movie run time is too short for an adventure movie of that genre, there’s supposed to be more story arc twist in the movie. So, the shortcomings of the movie goes to the movie writer, who didn’t really did an excellent work in terms of the story arc. What do you think of this movie?

Score: 8/10


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