‘Transformers: The Last Knight’ Review – A Great Movie, But Quintessa Story-arc Isn’t Clear Enough

Hers’s another awesome movie i’ve watched this, Transformers: The Last Knight. The story-line of the movie is best Transformers movie i’ve watched so far compared to the previous movies. The interesting things in this movie aside the story-line is its excellent cinematography and the car speed chase scenes. The soundtrack is not bad either, and the fact that the movie ran for over 2 hours makes it easy to get the whole history of the Transformers to some certain extent, although the story arc of some aspect remain unclear.

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Transformers: The Last Knight centers on the war between humans and the Transformers, as Optimus Prime is gone and the key to saving the future is buried in the hidden history of Transformers on Earth. Now, the fate of the earth and Transformer lies on the shoulder of inventor Cade Yeager, Bumblebee, an English lord and an Oxford professor to save the world.

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As much as i enjoyed this movie, the story arc of the queen who claimed to be the maker of Optimum prime (Quintessa) isn’t clear at all, her origin and role in the Transformers’ world was not well defined in the movie. Also, from the concluding scene, it seem she was the one who transformed into an Asian female-machine, and it seems we might be seeing some Terminator-like machines in the next sequel of the movie. Also, the way Optimum prime was just always mention his name “i am Optimum prime” is pretty annoying, and sounds like a cartoon. Aside these minor flaws, the movie is a great one. The opening scene was a good one and the variety of Transformers involved coloured the movie positively.

Score: 9/10  



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