merryDear all, i am dedicating this post to everyone who has visited my page this year, ranging from those who mistakenly stumbled upon it once and those who normally visit my page intentionally, i really appreciate everyone. Thank you for the visits, likes, comments and shares, my blog would have been nothing without all of you guys, you’re the best! I also wish all of you guys a very wonderful and splendid Christmas ahead and a prosperous 2018 with more inspirations to blog.  Merry Christmas everyone! Special thanks to Stevestillstanding, Yoly, Rhapsody, Lulumonty, Karalee, Peach6972 and many others who have been active on my page, God bless you all! and to those who have been requesting to see what i look like, that’s a glimpse of me below and the little image above is a summary of




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