‘Baby Driver’Movie Review: Just A Waste Of Time Movie

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I will just go straight to the point here concerning Baby Driver movie, I’m sorry to say the movie storyline is far from interesting and great, it’s just too poor. What I see in the movie is the combination of Italian Job44 Minutes and Fast & Furious, which is why it’s poor as we have seen such concept over and over again, not new and epic about the movie. Baby Driver is just too far below Fast and Furious, Transporter and 007.

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Just give you a brief background of the movie, Baby Driver centers on a getaway driver Baby (Ansel Elgort) who relies on the beat of his personal soundtrack to be the best in the game. After meeting the woman (Lily James) of his dreams, he sees a chance to ditch his shady lifestyle and make a clean break. Coerced into working for a crime boss (Kevin Spacey), Baby must face the music as a doomed heist threatens his life, love and freedom.

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The movie does not state clearly, why he needs music to be productive and the whole music and driving thing looks more like a cartoon or a Chinese film. In addition, the way he was always doing his face in the movie was really annoying that I don’t seem to understand if he was trying to be sad or trying to frown. I think the movie will be better off as an animated movie or a console game than a real movie. The romance between him and Deborah was not well integrated into the movie, and Deborah’s impact/effect in baby driver’s life was not well represented, she was just there and all baby driver wants to do is to run away with her; it should be more than that. To me, the movie is not a great one.

Score: 5/10


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  1. While I may not agree with your score, this is an interesting review and I liked it… though, I kind of have one tiny problem.

    “The movie does not state clearly, why he needs music to be productive ”

    He has tinnitus. The music drowns out the constant ringing in his ears, they explain that in the first scene with Kevin Spacey’s character (Which might be why it’s missed, I can imagine watching those scenes now is kind of awkward)

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    1. They should have at least shown some kind of flashback of an hospital scene of how it all started in the first place and how learnt to be productive with music…all these can be explained in a 30 seconds scene…which shows the movie has a bad opening scene. ‘Dead Men tell no take’ has one of the best opening scene among 2017 movie. The opening scene will want to make you watch the rest of the movie.

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      1. That would’ve been a nice scene to add, though it might’ve been a little redundant with them having Spacey talking about it. Maybe they could’ve had his part as a voice over while the hospital stuff was happening, a bit of show and tell there. I kinda remember thinking the opening scene was just OK, it was the one take shot of him going to get coffee (Weird, I know) that made me sit up and pay attention. Dead Men did have a pretty badass opening, no arguments there 🙂

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      2. Storyline wise I feel it’s not perfect but it’s above average, they took the traditional heist movie instead of having us follow the cool guy planning the heist, we’re with the guy who want’s nothing to do with any of this which I thought was a nice change. I’d say it’s a 6-7 story-wise, cos hitting the beats just right is always good. It’s mostly the Edgar style touches that work best, his visuals, the editing, the use of diagetic sound, all that stuff is the part of the movie that blows the movie out of the water.

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      3. Yeah, the cinematography and sound was on point but the storyline was just a turn-off for me probably because I’ve watched movies with similar storylines and more better than Baby Drive. They are planing already to make Baby Driver 2, we would see what they’ve got.

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      4. Here’s hoping they take the sequel next level story wise. I mean, now they’ve got the backstory set up, they can play with the music more… and heck, if we’re lucky, they won’t have a star involved in a major scandal around release next time, thus making it super hard to see the film without feeling bad

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