Tyrese Gibson is The Most Interesting Act In Fast & Furious 8, Do You Agree?

roberson-myidealnewyorkbasedfastandfuriousmovieAfter watching Fate of the Furious from the beginning to the end, I really enjoyed the concept of the movie and I think the movie should only release one more sequel to end the whole story, as the movie already reached its peak and may be dropping gradually soon. The ending scene in the airplane where Cipher escaped sure leads to the next sequel, however I was expecting something more dramatic and action-filled to lead to Fast and Furious 9. The fact that Cipher just escaped without being knocked at all and just because their was only one parachute in the plain seem too easy and simple.

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Most especially in the movie, I found Tyrese Gibson to be the most interesting guy in the movie, without him the movie will be too serious and VinDieselish, but his presence in the movie gave the movie some hilarious spice, especially when he was referred to as number 11 and how he mocked the new guy working for Mr. Nobody. That was one of the best scene I enjoyed in the movie and his role has been fantastic in the previous Fast and Furious movies as well. If you’ve watched Fate of the Furious, who is your favourite character in the movie?



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