Tom Hardy Intense Training For Venom Movie & The”Darkest, Most Powerful Supervillain” In Marvel

A new behind-the-scenes clip shows Tom Hardy as he trains hard for the upcoming Venom movie, including an idea of the kind of monster to expect in the movie, which is an “8’4″ beast”. Hardy plays Eddie Broke in the movie, who accidentally bonds with the alien symbiote and becomes the Venom. No much info about the movie’s story line but Hardy’s trainers, Mark Mene and Nathan Jones said  it’s “one of the darkest, most powerful super-villains that Marvel has ever created.”

Mene said:

I’m impressed. He’s definitely going to live up to the character, he’s dealing with a guy that turns into an 8-foot, 4 [inch] beast.”

Jones added:

“He’s got power. I like that. I like that he’s got that fire in him because he’s not just acting. He’s really got it, and it’s good to see someone have it because then they’ll live the character and that should come across.”

Watch Tom Hardy’s rigorous training below.

Source: Esquire


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