Advice For Moviegoers on Where To Sit and How To Sit in Cinemas/Theaters

I am not really a fan of going to the cinema or theater to see movies, but I have gone couple of times with friends.  Two of the movies I can still remember I watched in the cinema are Christmas Eve and Bounty Hunter– they are great movies.  During my visit to the cinema, I saw several side attraction and distraction in the movie hall while watching the movie at the same time, which was interesting. I noticed different spots in which different people were sited and what different people were up to or may be up to. Having analysed all these I came up with some advice for moviegoers.

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If you are going to the movies with friends, you can sit anywhere, you are safe but if you are going to the movies with your boyfriend/girlfriend or as couples there is more to it. If you and your partner are both the naughty types then you should sit at the last row in the back of the hall where it’s mostly dark, as you both have the tendency to be naughty while the movie is going on. If you are naughty and you have a naughty partner, then you should definitely sit at the front, where all eyes are on you. Trust me even if your partner tries to be naughty it won’t be as much as if you sit at the back with him or her. If you go to the movies alone as well, then you should definitely sit in the front to avoid sensual distractions caused by people with partners.

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Finally, if you’re looking at hooking up with someone before leaving the movies then you should sit in the middle row not the back row, as most people tend to sit more in the middle part of the hall. Do not sit at the edges as you may end up having same sex sitting beside you, but if you sit in the middle sit in the middle row, then you have a high chance of having an opposite sex sitting beside you, who may likely hook up with you.




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