Avengers: Infinity Wars Will Be Heading Into World War II

As Avengers: Infinity War is wrapping its filming, some photos of the film has now been revealed, hinting us that the movie will feature a some 2012’s The Avengers flashback and that there will be a World War II setting in the movie. Click here to view images.

Source: AJC.com


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    1. I’ve only glanced through the movie, not had time to watch it fully😀…but from what I’ve seen in the movie, not really a super great movie, follows the concepts of films such as Taken, A Walk among the Tombstone etc…Have you watched the movie? What do you think of the movie 😀

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      1. You are missing out. Honestly it’s better than taken because it’s based on a true story. I seriously loved it. I feel that it didn’t get enough publicity but it was such a great movie. I hope you watch and tell me what you think.

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      2. I’ll make sure I watch it this weekend and tell you what I think 😀…Although the main character Jeremy, is my favourite actor. Hopefully I’ll enjoy it. And yes, it didn’t really get much publicity, i think it was shot in Canada. Most movies being shot in Canada arctic seem not to perform well in box office, same applies to ‘The Mountain Between Us’ 😀

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