Ben Affleck Reveals What The Three Mother Boxes Are In Justice League Film & Possible Sequel Plans

As the release of Justice League film is drawing near, we still have little info about the film’s story-line, but the general idea is that Steppenwolf wants to combine the three Mother Boxes in order to take over Earth. This spans to centuries ago between man, Amazons, and Atlanteans. Now In a new interview, Ben Affleck explained what the Mother Box is and said:

“A Mother Box is an all-powerful, indestructible, technological cube that can also teleport a bunch of aliens to Earth from another world.”

“Once you combine the three Mother Boxes they form what’s called the Unity, a force that is pure power used to conquer worlds. Fortunately, these things don’t exist in real life, of course, but they’re a part of the DC Universe, and a problem for the Justice League.”

“Now the Justice League is together, we have these stories that we can finally tell without being encumbered with setting up the backstory. We’ve done all that, so now we get to enjoy the adventures of this group of heroes as they take on the world.”

The Three Mother Boxes in Justice League

Source: Justice League



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