Thor: Ragnarok – Chris Hemsworth’s (Thor) Shares a Video In Memory of His Hammer

Source: Comicbookmovie

Thor: Ragnarok star, Chris Hemsworth, has taken to Twitter to share a special video in memory of  the god of thunder’s Mjonir, which was destroyed by Hela. Now, Thor is seriously missing his lovely hammer.  Watch the video below.

Also, a new concept art above, from Avengers: Infinity War reveals that Thor will be wielding Jarnbjorn the upcoming film. Jarnbjorn is dwarven-forged but different uru metal, which Mjolnir was crafted. Jarnbjorn axe has a mystical power that makes it indestructible and enchanted by Thor’s blood,  in order to be able to cut through any object. Jarnbjorn means the “Iron Bear.”


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