Here’s Why Lady Sif Was Absent In THOR: RAGNAROK
Image result for lady sif thor ragnarok

As the warriors in Thor 2 return for Thor: Ragnarok, we discovered that Lady Sif (Jaimie Alexander) is missing even as it was that, there was an ignition of romance between her and Thor in Thor: The Dark World. In recent Interview, Lady Sif confirmed that her absence from Thor: Ragnarok was due to scheduling:

“I was asked, but the timing of when they were going to shoot and when Blindspot was gonna shoot — it was pretty much the same time. So there was a conflict there. I was hoping for more of a notice from [the studio] so I could make it work, but it was a short notice thing. They called and said, ‘Hey, by the way, would you come do this?’ I said there is no way I can make that work that fast. It couldn’t happen. They were on a different continent! So it was sad. I was bummed about it.”

Source: Yahoo Movies


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