Star Wars: The Last Jedi- Here’s Hint About Poe’s arc

The official Asian Star Wars site has revealed some character bios of some of the main players in Star Wars: The Last Jedi including Poe:

“Now that the conflict between the First Order and the Resistance has escalated into total war, Poe is a shining as a leader of a courageous flying battalion. But while he is brave and a skilled pilot, both the First Order and the Resistance alike are starting to fear his dedication to the war effort.”

We don’t know much about Poe’s arc in The Last Jedi yet be he might be playing alongside Leia this time.

Source: Star Wars Japan , Star Wars News Net


One thought

  1. Poe reminds me of an earlier Luke. “Red 5, I’m goin’ in!” in A New Hope, I think.
    But Capt. Phasma, Gen. Hux and even Finn seem laregly boring to me. As if they hardly need to be there. The real interest for me is in:
    1. Luke
    2. Rey
    3. Kylo Ren
    4. Supreme Leader Snoke
    5. Maz Kanata
    The rest, seem far less important. Who is Maz Kanata? Does Snoke know of her? Is Snoke really Lord Vitiate? What new knowledge and powers does Luke have now? Who are Rey’s parents? Where are they now?
    Could Rey be a reincarnation of Shmi Skywalker?
    Luke says the Jedi must end. Has he told that to Yoda or Obi-wan?
    #LukeSkywalker, #Rey, #StarWars, #StarWars8 #TheLastJedi #theOwl30 #Movies


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