Jurassic World 2: Jeff Goldblum Hints His Return As Ian Malcolm In The Fallen Kingdom

Jurassic Park star, Jeff Goldblum has teased the return of his character as Dr. Ian Malcolm in the new Jurassic World sequel Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. In an interview on his upcoming featured film Thor: Ragnarok, he shared few details about Malcolm’s part in the Jurassic World follow-up, saying:

“Ian Malcolm, yes, might be back in this one, and he might have something to say about the current confluence of circumstances around the use and misuse of technology. With some wry irony, deep wise passionate conviction, and he might put on a nice dark bit of clothing here and there … and a tint of glass maybe.”

Goldblum also mentioned what’s up with Malcolm since the last two decades, saying:

“What’s he been in the meantime? He opened a jazz club, probably, and he’s been playing every Wednesday in a place called Rockwell. He calls it Rockwell.”

Source: Radio Times


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