Blade Runner 2049: How The Hologram Sex Scene Was Made

Director Denis Villeneuve has explained in a recent interview how Blade Runner 2049’s hologram sex scene was filmed. The scene has become one of the latest talk from the film in terms of the visuals.

Villeneuve explained how the scene was filmed from a technical view and how he made effort to give the lonely K of real experience of making love to a woman. Joi used Mariette to represent her physical form. Villeneuve said the movements of both actresses in the scene was intentional and took a long process to get right:

“The way eyes move, or a hand … I felt the smaller the gesture, the more erotic and powerful the scene would be. … I loved the idea that you were feeling both presences of both women at the same time and that sometimes, it was like you were feeling a third woman.”

The little flaws in the scene was Villeneuve’s deliberate way of making it less real and letting viewers “feel the limit of the technology.”

Source: Vulture


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