Image result for mother movieDarren Aronofsky has made known that his filmmaking style cannot make him a monster in his personal life. The 48 – yr old actor is currently dating 27-year old Jennifer Lawrence, the star of his new scary thriller movie Mother!.

Aronofsky was recently asked in an interview whether Bardem based his portrayal of his character on him, he answered “No, no, not at all. Javier knows me. He knows I’m not a monster.”

“I only have to be a monster on set – for two or three months every few years,” he said. “The rest of the time I’m a nine-to-five father. I take my kid to school, go to sleep, live a life. Then go see my parents at weekends.”

He explained that Jennifer was hyperventilating while filming one particularly scary scene in Mother! that they had to pause shooting to allow her to recover.

“I mean, we gave her time to recover,” he explained. “The thing is that she’d been thinking about that scene way too long, and it got all up in her head.

“So then the emotions flooded her and I saw what was happening – because I’m experienced – and was able to get the camera in the right place. The shot was originally on her back and I flipped the whole thing, let her recover and then said, ‘Get the camera on her face, right now’, because that’s the kind of emotion that you never, ever see.”

Source: Hollywood


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