The director of Inhumans has compared his show to Doctor Strange and the X-Men franchise, saying that the Royal Family’s strategist and philosopher is connected in terms of abilities to the Sorcerer Supreme:

“It’s more of an analytical thing. His special skill is being able to see the worst versions of what is going to happen, which is a big problem for him. There are other scenes which are funny because he only sees the bad version of it and has to recoup to see the good version. They give me a lot of freedom to design the visual effects like I want them.”

Reine’s view:

“What’s really different is the X-Men are born with their special skills; they’re very problematic in the human race. With the Inhuman race, they get their skills in a special ceremony. They’re closed in their own society, which itself moves to the moon. For me, that’s the key difference: they have their 

Source: The Independent



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