Barefoot follows an unusual romance between an unlikable man & a mental patient. The movie is great movie with some romantic touching moments of what love feels like. Just like R. Kelly said in on of his romantic songs ” When a woman loves, she loves for real”.


Personally i enjoyed watching the movie, and the best scene in the movie was when they were running from the police and Wills decided to take a nap after a long drive, he told Daezy to wake him in few hours, but unfortunately, the police showed up. Wills successful hide himself in the vacation bus, as Daezy attended to the police and she sneak into the police car and threw his car key away.


Later when the police retired to his car, Wills asked Daezy what did you do? She said she threw the police car keys in the forest, that if he goes to jail they won’t be able to be together and she doesn’t want that…that was the most romantic and best scene in the movie. If you have watched the movie, comment your own best scene below.

Watch Barefoot full movie here.


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