Mr. and Mrs. Kelvin

Four Couples is a hilarious Yoruba Nollywood movie that portrays the lives and journey of four different marriages in the same compound, ranging from their differences and peculiarities in life styles to commotions caused by the wives. The four couples include:

Mr. & Mrs. Kelvin whose wife is always on social media all the days of her life with over 150, 000 followers on Instagram. She never cooks in the house and if she ever does, she always forget to turn off the cooker, as she’s always busy with her social media followers. She starves her husband of her valuable time and attention, and always taking selfies with everyone she encounters. This led the husband to stretch out his leg for happiness and good food. The movie stars, Saheed Balogun, Adeniyi Johnson, Okunu and others.

Mr. & Mrs. Tokubo

Mr. & Mrs. Bolaji whose wife (Ajisefini) is the cleanest person on earth, all she does is complain to her husband how untidy he is, repelling her husband’s family and referred to them as being untidy. She cleans the house ~20 times in a day, and she keeps on cleaning until bedtime at night. She is strict and unaccommodating.

Mr. & Mrs. Tokunbo whose wife is garrulous and troublesome, she’s always eavesdropping in the neighbourhood and other apartments to get latest gists in each families. She’s a carbon copy of a ‘faulty radio without controlled frequency’, she never stops talking and really bad at dressing. After all, she was a house cleaner in Bolaji’s house before Bolaji impregnated her, and his parents insist he should marry her. That’s how they became Mr. & Mrs. Bolaji.

Alahji & Alahja, the religious leaders, they serve as mentors and counsellors in the compound, always teaching the other couples how to have a peaceful marriage without fights. However, Alahja, the wife, was formally a street girl before she became religious, and Alahji, the husband always have to deal with this side of hers in the house with constant arguments and without letting other neighbors get to know ‘the so-called mentors are having a fight’. This argument led Alahji to start an affair with a woman he counselled in the neighborhood, and the affair led to a deep sex time.

Mr. & Mrs. Bolaji

The ‘Laters’ of the movie:

For Mr. & Mrs. Kelvin, the wife’s addiction to social media kicked him out of the home finally to find happiness somewhere else.

For Mr. & Mrs. Bolaji, the wife became an enemy with the husband’s family and other neighbours, as she never quit her complains.

For Mr. & Mrs. Tokunbo, the husband filled for a divorce since the wife already lost the pregnancy tying them both together, even though she pleaded to be a change woman from a garrulous being to a taciturn being, the husband didn’t listen.

For Alahji & Alahja, the husband’s external affair with another became known to everyone and war broke out in the house, leading to the intervention of all the other couples in the compound.

Alahji & Alahja


Four Couples perfectly portrays people’s life styles as of today especially ladies and in marriages. Social media has taking over people’s lives and marriages, resulting to everyone now having a social media driven relationships and marriages. However, this movie did not really clearly state if the ladies were full house wives without jobs. But, I will assume they were all full house wives and being a full house wife is the perfect description that relates to most of the ladies’s life style, although different strokes for different folks. Nevertheless, the characters portrayed by the wives in this movie are the worst characters a man should pray not to have in a wife. Overall, the movie is a great movie and suitable for all age groups.

Score: 10/10

Watch Four Couples full movie below:


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