Supergirl writers Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly, has revealed the new identity for Supergirl, Kara Gordon (Jim Gordon’s Daughter), and how she will be a different  version in a world without Superman:

It’s still a coming of age story for both Kara Gordon and her sister, Barbara. A sibling duo fans could only previously have dreamed of, but one that sounds like it will do justice to the skills and agency of both. Albeit in a very, very different version of the DC Universe. Lanzing explains the new take:

We can’t give too much away because that’s a little bit of a secret in our first couple issues, but what we can say is the two got raised as sisters. Kara Gordon is the daughter of Jim Gordon who is himself still police commissioner of the LEXES city state. So while Barbara went and worked for The Bat, Kara was just a tech, she has a normal job working a totally normal nine to five.

She literally programs the little mind control machines that are in everybody’s brains. She does tech support for everyone’s mind control device. But she has always felt like an outsider; always felt like there was something different about her. She has that feling that I think any young person has growing up into a more corporate society, when they realize once I become a cog in this machine, is that all I am? And Barbara has a place that is fulfilling for her, but Kara doesn’t. And when Kara realizes that there is more to life than this, that’s the meat of our whole first issue. She’s going to seek out something different.

Kelly explains the distinction:
There’s a certain fundamental aspect of these characters that’s never going to change. Kara Gordon, whether her name is Kara Gordon or Kara Danvers, is always going to be a hero in her core. But how she gets there is going to be different depending on the circumstances in her world.

During the Dark Age, during this big event, the heroes of the world – the Justice Society, the heroes that we know – they got wiped out. So in a lot of the cases the women who were their sidekicks had to actualize without these men in their lives. So without those men to be the heroes that can be looked up to, they were forced to become their own heroes. As for the bikes of it all, well they live in the freescape – there are not a lot of ways to get around. We’re trying to make each female hero have to step up and become the hero we otherwise wouldn’t have known.

Kara’s world will change all over again:
Kara Gordon is the first Kryptonian hero the world has ever seen. In our book, Wonder Woman is a myth. She is a word on the wind. This symbol of hope that most people don’t even think is really a thing anymore. So when she shows up, that’s going to be amazing.

Source: ScreenRant


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