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Identify the Movie Title For The Synopsis & Comment Your Answers Below

1, Torn from his homeland and separated from the woman he loves, he is forced into slavery and condemned to the bloody gladiator’s arena in Rome. As he navigates the violent and brutal world he realizes that not all battles are fought in the arena, and that he must overcome treachery and temptation to survive.

(a) 300 Spartans (b)Spartacus (c) The Journey To Rome (d) The War of Troy

2, A King, who leads 15 score soldiers into battle against the Persian “god-King” and his invading army of more than 300,000 soldiers.

(a) 300 Spartans (b)Spartacus (c) Brave Heart (d) The War of Troy

3, As the son of Zeus, king of the gods, and a mortal woman, he is blessed with extraordinary strength. Caught in a forbidden love, Hercules is exiled by his stepfather, the king, and sold into slavery. The legendary strongman endures harrowing battles and death matches in the gladiators arena, and must use his formidable powers to fight his way back to his rightful kingdom, overthrow its traitorous ruler and restore peace to the land.

(a) Legend of Hercules  (b) Hercules Reborn (c) Hercules (d) non of the above (e) all of the above

4, The epic portrays the battle between two ancient kingdoms. While visiting Spartan King, Trojan prince falls for Spartan King’s wife, and takes her back to his Kingdom. Spartan King’ brother having already defeated every army in Greece, uses his brother’s fury as a pretext to declare war against Trojan prince Kingdom, which is the last kingdom preventing his control over the Aegean Sea.

(a) 300 Spartans (b)Spartacus (c) The Journey To Rome (d) Troy

5, Power-hungry King and his ruthless army march across Greece, leaving burned-out villages and the corpses of the innocent in their wake. His goal is to find the long-lost Bow of Epirus; with this invincible weapon, he can cast the gods out of Mount Olympus and become master of the world. A stonemason heeds the words of the sibylline oracle, who convinces him that he is the key to stopping the bloodthirsty king.

(a) Titans (b) Match to Greece (c) Immortals (d) King Arthur

6, During the time of the Roman Empire, a woman seeks revenge against the warrior,  who killed her loved ones and destroyed her village.

(a) The Fall of Rome (b) Gladiator (c) The Journey to Rome (d) Amazon & Gladiators

7,  A legendary thirteenth century Scottish hero against the English monarch and Edward I after he suffers a personal tragedy by English soldiers. He gathers a group of amateur warriors that is stronger than any English army.

(a) Young Gladiators (b) Seven Gladiators (c) Brave Heart (d) The War of Troy






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