Recently in an interview with IGN  Thor: Ragnarok director, Taika Waititi explained why Thor has used a gun in the movie. He said:

“I think we really wanted to challenge Thor in this film. He’s challenged further than in any of the other films. He loses the hammer, which is the source of his power, and he’s really on the back foot most of the film. We didn’t want him to be able to utilize magic, or to have Loki’s magic. We didn’t want him to have too many advantages. He had to really find his way out of this predicament using his brain and using his friends.”

Source: IGN



2 thoughts

  1. Thor is not limited by weapon of any kind, as do of any Asgardian. Thor actually gets more of his strength from his hammer,then using a gun would not be of any difference. Asgardians are known for their different variety of weapons which serves as their primary choice of defence,in case of thor he may or not need a weapon depending on the circumstance of the war or situation or even his enemy’s strength.

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