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David Harbour has revealed that Sheriff Hopper will be ‘humbled again’ in the upcoming season 2 of Netflix’s series, Stranger Things. He said:

“You have this story of this guy who’s dead inside, who’s kind of a jerk, who goes on this amazing heroic journey. You gotta go alright, it’s a year later, and one of the most subtle, interesting arcs of this season to me is what happens to a person when they take a heroic action and they become somewhat of a superhero and what that does to their ego and what it does to their sense of control issues and what it does to maybe where they feel like they start to overextend themselves and they have to check their ego or be humbled again.

That’s a humiliating thing for Hopper to feel, but it’s a very human thing. [People] all make mistakes, and they’re not as great as you want them to be and they let you down.”

Source: MTV



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