ScreenRant recently interviewed Transformers: The Last Knight star Josh Duhamel, comparing the Transformers franchise to other blockbusters that have explored the concept of “response to an alien invasion by the human population”. He responded with his on take saying:

“Well the popular theory is that if they come, we’re in trouble. Yeah, I think that we would definitely try, we would do everything we have to… unless there was some way to sort of figure out that they were here for, y’know, friendly reasons. Part of the problem with what I do in this movie with the TRF is we’re trying to exterminate all of these Transformers from the face of the Earth. We don’t want them here anymore. Having worked with them for all these years now, knowing that some of them are actually good and can actually help us, is a problem for my character because he knows Optimus and Bumblebee can help. So eliminating all of them is not necessarily something he wants to do.”

Source: ScreenRant


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