Evil BATMAN Arrives In The DC Universe This Fall

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There will be other six “corrupted” kinds of The Dark Knight looming the DC Universe in the forthcoming DC release this fall. The announced titles and the creative teams include the following:

  1. Batman: The Red Death(corrupted Flash hybrid)
    • written by Joshua Williamson and art by Carmine Di Giandomenico
    • release date: September 20
  2. Batman: The Murder Machine(corrupted Cyborg hybrid)
    • written by Frank Tieri and art by Ricardo Federici
    • release date: September 27
  3. Batman: The Dawnbreaker (corrupted Green Lantern hybrid)
    • written by Sam Humphries and art by Ethan Van Sciver
    • release date October 04
  4. Batman: The Drowned(corrupted Aquaman hybrid)
    • written by Dan Abnett and art by Philip Tan
    • release date Ocober 18
  5. Batman: The Merciless(corrupted Wonder Woman hybrid)
    • written by Peter J. Tomasi and art by Francis Manapul
    • release date October 25
  6. Batman: The Devastator (corrupted Doomsday hybrid)
    • unknown creative team
    • release date November 01
  7. Batman: The Batman Who Laughs (corrupted Joker hybrid)
    • unknown creative team
    • release date November 15

Source: DC Comics



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