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A major character death has been teased in the image below for Fear the Walking Dead season 3. Fear the Walking Dead showrunner, Dave Erickson in an interview with CBR, explained that the unknown death would come suddenly in order to get the impact on fans and other characters on the series:

“We wanted a heroic arc. I think we did that. There’s a certain conventional way to go about a character’s death. We could have done that. Once people see the episode, they will see what I mean. What we chose to do is follow a route where having accomplished something, having saved loved ones that are dear, you now get kicked in the gut by the Apocalypse and the randomness of the violence. The moment itself should be sudden. It should be jarring. It has a very profound impact on all the other characters, all the members of the family. It’s a pivotal moment that drives the rest of the season. That’s the goal whenever you lose a character, especially one that important. It needs to resonate.”

Source: CBR




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