Connie Nielsen has praised Wonder Woman director, Patty Jenkins, saying she “comes from a place of strength.” Nielsen mentioned about Jenkins instant connection with Wonder Woman:

“She’s also the kind of director that I really flourish under. She has very strong and particular and specific ideas about what it is she wants to say. She comes from a place of strength always. And so, when you are dealing with someone like that, you feel absolutely free to be vulnerable, to be creative, and I am a big researcher. I put a lot of effort into research and I brought all of that research back and you can always tell if somebody is interested or not, and the fact that she was interested and made sure that there was space for all of that research and space for those nuances … every time I wanted to try something else and maybe something that wasn’t even a part of it, shealways not only went with it, but actually was interested in exploring further with me.”

Nielsen added:

“This is a woman who just rose to head such a huge vehicle. You should have seen the actual size of the crew and the studio and the setups and the amount of people she was just blithely oversee everyday. It was just like when I would see Ridley standing in the middle of Malta, this fort in Malta, and chomping on his cigar and just looking happy. It was the same thing kind of with Patty. That kind of real comfort on a set.”

Source: ScreenRant


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