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Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman has no doubt so far been a film everyone is anticipating for its release in less than two weeks. The movie clips so far, cast and crew interviews and critics have shown the movie will be a ground breaking movie in the superhero’s world and among the genre of action movies.

Image result for was gal gadot in the military Gal Gadot has integrated her past military strength, skill and experience in the Israeli army into the Wonder Woman character role, which stared up the film’s originality in terms of actions and story line. Gal Gadot, who was also once a model has added some stylish moves and postures to the action scenes of the movie, making the movie more fascinating and real. Gad Gadot who also, is happily married with a daughter and well know as a woman of honour in her community, has integrated her heart of compassion, love and caring in the movie, fighting the adversaries of her people for peace.

Image result for gal gadot modelAccording to reports, encounters and interview, Gal Gadot was carrying the pregnancy of her daughter while filming the Wonder Woman movie; she is indeed a Wonder Woman not only in the movie but also in real life. Wonder Woman is also the only main imminent female superhero since 2005’s Elektra. Image result for gal gadot familyThe clear and simple integration of ancient, primitive and naturalists’ world, recent past and modern day in the Wonder Woman film is also an intriguing selling point of the film, and can be easily understood by everyone. The Wonder Woman movie also include some funny scenes such as, when Wonder Woman came to London, wearing her suit like a typical English woman, but goes every where carrying her shield and sword like there was battle (thinking she was still in her primitive ancient world). Even as she was persuaded to keep her fighting weapon away, she was reluctant. Image result for wonder woman in london scene

Wonder Woman certainly for sure will perform excellently at box office, I’m looking forward to seeing the full movie, what about you, and what is your take in the Wonder Woman movie? Drop your comment below.  You can also check out amazing wonder woman preview clips and behind-the-scenes by clicking here

Wonder Woman will be released June 1, 2017


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