Image result for rich but lonely nigerian movieRich But Lonely is a Nollywood story line of different couples, on how infidelity and unethical acts broke and reforms some relationships (i mean few relationships). Vincent, the main attention of focus, a smart guy who plays the ‘dumping’ game and never loose. Rukayat (Ruky), Vincent wife, always the victim of heartaches and domestic violence. Bimpe, the lady who wants to outsmart Vincent “my money is my money, but your money is our money”.lol. She eventually lost to Vincent in the ‘dumping’ game as well. However, Ruky got her Vincent back at last through perfect match. The movie features another couple dealing with infidelity as well.

Watch the full movie below;


Rich But Lonely is a movie filled with comedic and emotional acts, which has successfully conveyed its message. However, skipping some scenes has put viewers in a state of ‘what’s going on, i’m lost’. For example, when Ruky left Vincent’s house, following
the promise Vincent made to Bimpe, we have no idea how Ruky left the house and the reason Vincent gave to make her leave. Also, most of the acts seem to be new in the Nollywood industry, which is made obvious by their command of speech on the camera (being cautious of saying every word clearly). Act such as Ruky’s secretary seem to be very new on camera as well, her facial expression said it all.  Ruky’s friend and new boy friend were also cold in the movie. The CEO-Ruky’s scene  is not really pure and realistic in terms of their conversation, it doesn’t show Ruky once did her National Youth Service Corp in the company at all. Also, when the CEO said “sit down”, Ruky acted like she didn’t here-you don’t want to do that in real life in an interview. Overall, the movie is a great movie, suitable for all age groups. Vincent coloured the movie with his aggressive role.

For the ladies, if you were Ruky, will you accept Vincent back? And what will you do if your best friend sleeps with your new found love? Comment your views.

Watch the full movie below;



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