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Starz’s “American Gods” series review have so far been catching many attentions. During a new screening of the introductory episode, it was revealed that the premium cabler has encouraged and supported ‘equal opportunity nudity’ in the tv series, with hard-core violence and sex scenes. Premium cable channels has been found of showcasing and promoting nudity in their past series such as “Game of Thrones”. When Green was asked asked about cutting out the nude scenes from the series, speaking with ScreenRant, he said:

“Equal opportunity’ was the actual term. They knew that there was going to be sexual content in this show, we were clear that our sexual content was always going to be uncuttable in the sense that it would be related to character and story and be presented as artfully as anything else. If there is a sex scene in a show or film that if you eliminated it, someone can still appreciate the emotional journeys of the characters, then it probably wasn’t done right – or at least that’s how we went about it.”Image result for american gods

Fuller added:

“Starz said upfront that they encouraged the male nudity because they didn’t want to take a hit on this show having female nudity but not male nudity. They were encouraging, [saying], ‘If you want to do more male nudity, we have no problem with it… if you’re going to do nudity, do everybody – not just the ladies’”


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