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A story of a two perfect lovers in London, separated by a bosom friend. Folarin had just proposed to his fiancée, Zara who genuinely love him. Unfortunately, Folarin’s friend Teju was a cruel Casanova. Teju successfully part Folarin and Zara by raising false allegations, after he had attempted to get down on Zara, which was unsuccessful.  Teju also successfully did the same to Folarin’s new wife. Eventually, Folarin was able to recognize that, his friend had been the evil behind his unsuccessful relationships, but it was too late to go back to Zara, who just go married to another man, after parting with Folarin. Teju also was poorly deported from London, following a drug set-up that was plotted against him by one the women he duped and lied to.


This movies has addressed some points about Africans living abroad

In the present day, many African men abroad believe getting married to a woman in their home country is the best option in terms of fidelity and longevity of the marriage. This was championed by the fact that many African ladies abroad tend to adopt the culture of having so much right and power over their man, as well as not submitting totally to a man. However, this has shown not to be always true as this is determined by the kind of person involved. Zara was a good girl based in London, but Teju was the evil that did not allow the relationship of Zara and Folarin to thrive successfully. There have been so many cases like this between Africans abroad: snatching each other’s partner and infidelity.

Folarin went on to bring a girl from his home country, unfortunately, for him; the girl was willing to explore the whole of London through prostitution. She eventually turned Folarin’s house into a hotel, where she attends to her customers at night when Folarin is at work for Night duty. Going back to your home country to get married is not always the best option as there are still responsible African ladies abroad.

As for Teju- We have many Teju’s abroad, who had denied their wives and kids in Africa just to get a stay abroad. It always boomerang for such individuals. The Movie Zara has passed a lot of message: especially not to always trust what people say to you, finding the truth is really important before making your decisions. Also, never allow a friend have a say in your relationship, it can be precarious.



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