The Yoruba Nollywood ‘Oyinkanmi’ is a story about a rude young girl Rita who was always bullying a poor girl named Oyinkanmi. Rita had no regards for anyone including her father’s driver, who was almost the age of her father and happens to be Oyinkanmi’s father. Unfortunately for her, it turned out that her father’s driver who was Oyinkanmi’s father was also her biological father, following her illness, which the driver’s blood type was the only blood she could receive via transfusion to get well.  The driver’s younger brother who had a deal of exchanging his brother’s baby for a huge amount of money, following the stillbirth of Rita’s non-biological mother, unveiled this mystery. Rita and Oyinkanmi happens to be a twins.04

The movie ‘Oyinkanmi’ has efficiently passed across its message that, humility is the best character a human can ever have, and never look down on anybody as no one knows tomorrow. However, the expected concluding part for the movie was that, Rita should regret all her actions towards Oyinkanmi and Oyinkanmi should become successful more than Rita can ever imagine. This is one of the Yoruba Nollywood movie that was concluded on a note different from the viewer’s perspective, which is great. In addition, Oyinkanmi’s mother and grandmother (lotto lover) was excellent in their roles-showing professionalism at its peak.


In the beginning of the movie when Oyinkanmi’s teacher was announcing to Oyinkanmi’s mother about Oyinkanmi’s scholarship, the sound track that was used in that scene was meant for bad news and not for good news such as a scholarship award. There are some other scenes where wrong sound tracks were used. Overall, there was wrong/excessive use of sound tracks.

When Rita’s mother drove by Oyinkanmi, brushing her arm with the car side mirror (according to the movie), however, the car did not actually touch Oyinkanmi’s arm and Oyinkanmi reaction was too much- like she was burnt with fire.

When the teacher told Rita to stand until the end of the class, after answering a question wrong-Rita actually offered to answer the question, not that she was primarily asked by the teacher. Therefore, telling her to stand until the end of the class is unusual in a private school (especially the rich school). Finally, the name ‘Nurse Titi’ is too common in Nollywood movies, trying other names will be cool.

Movie starred by Femi Adebayo, Ayo Adesanya, Dayo Amusa…




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