New Full Trailer: “Cars 3” (Disney & Pixar)

Disney and Pixar have released a new full trailer for the upcoming “Cars 3”. The trailer shows how Lightning’s career started retarding, following the arrival of new Jackson Storm, who just beat the record of the fastest lap ever. Race coordinator, Cruz Ramirez, a yellow sportcar, took Lightning to be trained and refereed to him as ‘my senior project’. Watch trailer below.


The Flash: New Killer Frost Costume and Scene Photos Released For ‘I Know Who You Are’

As Caitlin Snow has wrecked bad Killer Frost over, new photo shots from next week’s The Flash show she has advanced her appearance also. Lately, Barry journeyed into the future with the hope of getting some intuition into Savitar’s real identity. However, there’s still trouble back at home, even as the sight of the dark world that shadows Iris’ death was captivating. The latest trailer and Continue reading

The Flash: Savitar’s True Identity Revealed?

First The Flash has placed viewers in an identity confusion, since Harrison Wells happened to be the Reverse-Flash, Eobard Thawne and thereafter, Jay Garrick turned out to be the supervillain. With the knowledge of what is imminent for Barry and his friends, the villain is certainly familiar. Grant Gustin has relieved fans that while the earlier villains were veiled and deduced by some fans before the main reveal, Flash fans will not speculate Savitar’s undisclosed identity. However, after the villain’s mysterious predictions implied of who he might be, the newest episodes have added a fresh crease.

Breaking News!: Oscar Winner and Professional Film maker, Jonathan Demme Has Died At 73

Jonathan Demme, the Oscar winning director, producer and screenwriter and screenwriter, has died at age 73. The cause of his death was reported to be complications from esopheageal cander. This must be a awfully sad day for Hollywood and New York a whole, where Demme lived and where his production banner ‘Clinica Estetico’ was for so long a promoter for many unforgettable films. Jonathan Demme was born in Baldwin, Long Island,  and had one of the prodigious filmmaking careers, peaking in the 1980s.

‘Scream’: Queen Latifah Joins Season 3 Facelift

The third season of ‘Scream’ is set to get new cast and inspired restart, with new producer Brett Matthews  of ‘The Vampire Diaries’& ‘Supernatural’. Also, to be include are Queen Latifah, Shakim Compere and Yaneley Arty (Flavor Unit Entertainment). Scream third season got reintroduced in October with six episodes and this is the second showrunner change on the series.

Source: Deadline

Madonna Condemns Unapproved Biopic ‘Blonde Ambition’

After Universal Pictures have had full rights to the Madonna biopic Blonde Ambition, the singer has reacted and made comments concerning the unapproved project, saying only she can tell her own story. She said:

“Nobody knows what I know and what I have seen; only Continue reading

Will Smith To Join Ang Lee For ‘Gemini Man’ ?

Will Smith in the process of starring Gemini Man, an expanded project, and negotiations  with Ang Lee  to direct. However, Lee is having challenges in rounding-off his boxing film Thrilla in Manila , leading to him dividing his attention elsewhere. The Gemini Man, from Skydance, with Jerry Bruckheimer as the Continue reading